Welcome to Ashford Manor Labradoodles

We are a premiere, humane, and well-respected breeder of the beautiful and loving Australian Labradoodle.  Hundreds of families have found their “forever family companion” right here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles.  Find yours here, as well, and welcome to the family!

We have puppies available to go home right now and more on the way!  Yours may be waiting for you.

2024 a year of connection!

For the year 2024 we are working on connecting with our AML family on social media. This year we will be promoting social media accounts that belong to pups of Ashford Manor.

Each month we will encourage new followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. At the end of each month we will select the new accounts and spotlight them.

We Love our Gorgeous Puppies!

Take a look at a few of our cute puppies! Australian Labradoodles are naturally non-shedding and allergy friendly. They are fun loving, loyal, and intelligent, as well. Bonus!

We follow stringent breeding guidelines and work with highly competent veterinarians to select the best breeding stock for our puppies. As long-time members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, we set our standard skyhigh!

High Quality Services

Ashford Manor offers important services that benefit you, your puppy, and your family!

Boot Camp Training

Australian Labradoodles live a fuller and happier life when their minds are stimulated. Ask us about our Puppy Boot Camp training service.

Grooming Services

Australian Labradoodles required specialized grooming to look their best. Many groomers do not know about this, but we do. Try us out!

Nanny Delivery

We offer the convenience of a reputible and affordable Puppy Nanny who will personally deliver your new puppy.  Contact us to learn more.

High Quality Products
Ashford Manor partners with only the best manufactureres of superior products for your dog.
It takes time to search for the best products for your dog. We understand that. We’ve been in this business for a long time, so we’ve had time to figure out which products are superior and collect them all right here on our site.

What Our Families Are Saying…

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic dog you sent me. She is amazing, wonderful, and adorable.  I’ve been taking her outside and letting her walk around so she’ll get used to the New York hustle-and-bustle. Nothing seems bothers her: not the noise, car horns, police sirens, fire engines, or motorcycles.  She just LOVES being outside and tries to greet everyone. You should hear all the comments I get from people who stop me to ask what breed she is and tell me how cute and beautiful she is.


He is a great little puppy. He is totally crate trained, and has very rarely had an accident inside.  He slept the first night and every night from 11pm-6AM (better than any of my 4 kids)!  People with dogs say that we are very lucky and have such a great dog!


We are going to obedience class once a week and just love these times, as it really showcases how smart she is. (She is always the smartest one in the class as she is such a quick learner!)  Izzy is pretty much completely potty trained – she regularly rings the bells – though she has figured out that ringing the bells get her the attention she likes, so she does that for fun sometimes too.


Bernie is doing great. He is just a doll and the grand kids love him.


She is such a sweet dog, very intelligent and alert. Kids absolutely adore her – thank you for such a wonderful puppy.


Indy is absolutely great and is extremely smart. He’s been using his bells and hasn’t had an accident since the first day home! He’s so brave and isn’t afraid of anything! He’s encountered lawn mowers, sprinklers, big and small dogs, about 40 or so people, and has done it all with a wagging tail.