Congratulations to the Worrell Doodles!! You guys won the last photo contest for this year! These cute pups are definitely rocking their Christmas sweaters..

Mia, Rocky and Kona all three came to us from Ashford Manor Labradoodles and they are the best of buds. Kona was our first doodle. She is the smallest but the mightiest and thinks she is the mama to everyone. She is such a cuddle bug and is so intuitive to the needs of our family, especially our autistic son. Kona is so spunky and loves to play with any stuffed little animal she can get her paws on, even if it means sneaking one from our daughter’s bedroom.Mia was the 2nd doodle that came to our family and is full of energy. She is kind of the life of the party which suits her well because she has the party red and white markings. She is always on the go, constantly moving and always trying to get anyone to play ball with her. She loves any kind of tennis ball, but pink is her favorite. She can be found most of the time with a ball in her mouth and many times falls asleep holding it in her mouth. Mia had so much energy that we thought she needed an energetic playmate so that is when Rocky was added to our family. He is the biggest of our doodles, and also has the biggest heart. He is such a lover and even though he is 46lbs he thinks he is every person’s lap dog. He loves to run and play in our fenced in backyard and is always trying to entice his fur siblings to run and play with him. He loves the big Nyla bones and during his downtime you can find him hiding in a quiet spot chewing away. Of course all of our doodles love special treats, especially anything that is bacon or chicken flavored. They have brought so much love, joy and healing to our family over the past 3 years. They are and have been such a true blessing and make our family complete.
Worell Doodles