Australian Labradoodle and Toddlers
One of the many reasons that I love our Australian Labradoodles is the natural bond our puppies have between people.  This bond comes easy to our puppies.  They love to be around people and meet new people on a daily basis.  One of the best ways to lay a solid foundation in regard to relating to them is to spend one on one time with the puppy.  Your puppy will bond with every member of your family in one way or another, so it is key for each of your family member to work on building a relationship with your puppy.  Bonding time is simply defined as spending time with your puppy, this could be in your back yard playing catch, or sitting together while you watch Sports Center, or even taking a walk and exploring a new trail.  The environment does not have to be anything in particular as long as you are focusing on developing a bond with your puppy.
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Cheryl Sabens
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