Is it possible to really have a dog

that is allergy and asthma friendly?


Yes, all the stories you hear are true, not just tales! Here at Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles, we breed allergy and asthma friendly dogs!Ashford Manor's Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Do they have hair?

It is true, our dogs do have hair!  The beautiful part about it is … they are non-shedding! I never have to clean up dog hair! Our Australian Labradoodles live in our home with us and we never clean up dog hair … amazing but true! There are three types of coats on the Autralian Labradoodle

  • Hair Coat
  • Fleece Coat
  • Wool Coat

 What is a better coat choice?

If you have severe allergies or asthma, it is better to choose a curly fleece coat or a wool coat Australian labradoodle. These two coats are better for people with intense allergies to dogs.  On the right, is a picture of Brandy, our Austrlian Labradoodle with a curly coat.

How will I know?

It is always best to meet the parents and/or the puppy to know if your allergies will flair. If this is not possible, a responsible Australian Labradoodle breeder will send you a hair sample to try. At Ashford Manor labradoodles we do not have any other animals, except a bird, because we want our puppy families to have a true test to their allergies.

We also use only green cleaning products in our home. This is for our own health as well as our dogs and for our puppy families to test their allergies/asthma.

Brushing and Grooming

The ideal coat is a wavy fleece, which is sufficient for most people. Those with severe allergy/asthma sufferers, we also carry a curly coat.  A curly coat takes slightly more work than a wavy coat because it needs to be brushed daily or every other day to minimize tangles. A curly coat will also need to be groomed about three times per year instead of two.

Ashford Manor Labradoodle Coats

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we have only fleece coat girls. Most of our dogs are wavy fleece, although we do have one Australian Labradoodle with a curly coat. Generally we mate our dogs with wavy or curly fleece coats, on occassion we may mate with a wool coat.  All of the coats are very soft and enjoyable to pet. When we mate two wavy fleece coats, sometimes we have a curly coat or even a wool coat, so we usually have something for everyone in each litter.

Many of our puppy families do have allergies, this is one of the main reasons we breed Australian Labradoodles. Several of our family have allergies to dogs and we have never had trouble with any of our dogs. We breed for many more reasons, but this is one of the reasons we love these dogs!

Ashford Manor Labradoodles and Allergy/Asthma sufferers?

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we know how miserable it is to be allergic to dogs or cats. We have experienced red, itchy swollen eyes; incessant sneezing; runny nose; and wheezing. We know that it is NOT fun and no one wishes to live like this on a daily basis!

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we strive to provide the best puppies in every way. We work with our dogs from the day they are born, to develop a fantastic temperament. We take our adults to training regularly and for testing to make sure they are in tip top shape.  And we work with our puppy families to ensure they have the right puppy in their home. If this means they come and meet our dogs or we send coat samples, then that is what we do!

Ashford Manor Labradoodles is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the Australian Labradoodle puppy. We take pride in our puppies and the energy we put into them. Our five children are regularly in training to handle dogs and puppies to enhance their socialization and training. We our proud to breed the allergy/asthma friendly therapy dog – the

Australian Labradoodle Puppy!