How Do You Choose A Responsible Breeder?

There are various ways to choose a responsible breeder, the first way is to talk to the breeder and see if you think you can have a relationship. It is imperative that you are able to talk to the breeder because you will be working with them over the next weeks, months, and even years as you have questions in the future. At Ashford Manor Labradoodles, we pride ourselves in talking with our customers both before and after you purchase an Australian Labradoodle from us.

Choosing A Responsible Breeder CheckList

  1. Having at lifetime of support, if you have a question in a year the breeder should be able to answer or guide you in the right direct.
  2. A breeder who has an application or asks a lot of questions. We do this to ensure the right puppy goes into your home and you know what you are getting.
  3. Things are spelled out for you on their website (what comes with your puppy so their are no surprises)        
  4. Parents Health Testing is provided if asked for.
  5. Member of the ALAA or another accredited affiliation
  6. Provide a veterinary certificate of spay/neuter, etc.
  7. Provides shot records and deworming history
  8. Provides a 4 or 5 generational pedigree.
  9. Expect you to do your homework.
  10. Allows you to visit their facility when it is safe for the puppies
  11. Keeps you up-to-date on what is happening in the pups lives  (visit our blog posts)
  12. Does not have to many puppies at one time.
  13. Assists you on getting the right Australian Labradoodle Puppy for your home, not just the size and color you want, but what is truly best for you!

How do I know Ashford Manor Labradoodles a Resposible Breeder?

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles, we practice all of the responsible breeder practices, plus more! We send weekly reports to our puppy families on how things are progressing, pictures, and plenty of literature for you to read to ensure you are ready for your Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle puppy to come home!

Why Choose Ashford Manor Labradoodles as my Responsible Breeder?

Australian Labradoodles are family to us, we value our dogs as much as you do.  Rest assured that Ashford Manor Labradoodles is a responsible breeder who values your puppy and you!


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