Dog Crates for Your Australian Labradoodle Puppy

There are many dog crates out there with a variety of styles and an array of sizes.  You can easily become overwhelmed in choosing the right crate for your dog.

The dog crate that I recommend is from Midwest Crates. It is a crate that will grow with your dog because, for one, it has a divider in it. It also has two doors which you may not need right now, but someday it may come in handy.

When a puppy is young and they are still potty training, you want to keep a small area inside their crate. A dog is not likely to soil their sleeping area.

As the puppy grows, you can remove the divider to make a larger area for your Australian Labradoodle so they have room to move around.  This saves you money and allows you to purchase only the one crate in your pet’s lifetime.


Types of Dog Crates

There are a variety of dog crates that you can choose from.

Hard Crate

These are the enclosed crates which are often used to ship animals in.  During our puppy training when we are familiarizing our puppies with crates, this is the type we use. If you like this type of crate, the one pictured below is a nice model.

Soft Crate/Collapsible Dog Crate

We use these when we travel because they are lightweight and easy to pack in the car. There are variations of the soft crate, but we like the one shown below the best.

Decorative Dog Crate

This crate is a little more decorative being that it is made with wood and metal. I would not recommend this for a young puppies since they like to chew.  You would not want them to grow accustomed to the taste of wood.  If you are going to purchase this crate, I recommend you wait until your Australian Labradoodle puppy has grown up!

Newest in Fashion: the End Table Dog Crates

This is one of the most stylish types of dog crates and is very nice if you intend on keeping your Australian Labradoodle in your living room. Once again, I would not recommend this for a puppy!

As you can see, there are a variety of dog crates available to dog lovers out there. We have our favorite which we recommend, but choose any that suits your family.