Our Australian Labradoodles love to be in the water!  There are many activities that you can enjoy with your puppy involving water.  It is important for you to introduce your puppy to new circumstances and situations and water is a great one.  This is a GREAT way for your puppy to get the daily exercise that they need.  Some simple things you can do are buy an inexpensive pool and let him splash and play in it.  Allow him to run through the sprinkler, or if you are near a body of water let him swim in that.  A note of caution—ALWAYS check the temperature of the water before allowing your puppy to get in the water.  Make sure the water is not too cold and not too hot.  Remember, your puppy feels temperature just as you do!
Chocolate Australian Labradoodle mini

Cheryl Sabens
Ashford Manor Labradoodles