Why Dogs Smell Other Dogs

Dogs are very social creatures.  However, some of their greetings are not necessarily what we as humans would consider socially acceptable.  In fact, we would consider some of them downright rude and maybe even a little Blaze facedisgusting!  Dogs have three very distinct ways of greeting.  The first is when you arrive home, your puppy runs to you with his tail wagging wildly.  Another greeting that dogs reserve for their other four-legged friends is smelling their prospective friend’s posterior.  This may seem very unpleasant to us, but scent glands located in the rear of the animal allow dogs to learn many things about each other.  This is also a safer way to approach another animal, as it lowers the risk of being bitten.  The third greeting that a dog will sometimes give is a face-to-face greeting.  This greeting also allows the dogs to learn things about each other, including what they have been eating, and even where they have been.

Your dog may react differently to different animals and/or greetings.  One simple way to tell if your puppy is relaxed and secure with being greeted is to observe his tail.  If his tail is relaxed and down, he is likely content with the circumstances.  If his tail is raised, he could be trying to increase the perception of his size because he isn’t as comfortable or secure in this setting. So, the next time you see your puppy sniffing another puppy or bounding towards you with tail wagging behind, you’ll know a little bit more about what they’re doing and how they’re feeling!

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