Our labradoodles are known for their intelligence.   This is a trait that is sought after by many who are considering adopting a dog into their family.  It is a positive trait, however, if left unchallenged, your puppy’s intelligence might lead to a bratty dog.  We can not stress how important it is to continually be Patch aka green boychallenging and training your puppy.  The first step in training a well behaved puppy is to establish yourself as the leader of the pack.  To learn how to become the pack leader, please check out http://www.ashfordmanorlabradoodles.com/puppy-training-tip-1/.   This commitment is especially crucial for the first year of your doodles life.  By investing the energy and time into your puppy, he will reward you by being a well-behaved obedient dog.


Cheryl Sabens

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