Sapphire sitting


From the birth of your puppy, the mother begins to make the puppy work.  This is vital for many reasons, one being it teaches the puppy that the mother is in charge as the pack leader.  Since you are now the pack leader, it is imperative that you also make the puppy work!  One of the most simple ways is to teach your puppy to wait.  Have her wait until you tell her to eat her food, have her wait until you say it is time for her walk.  Waiting can also be taught through play.  Simply set a treat in front of your puppy, cover the treat with you hand, and say, “Wait,” then remove your hand and instruct your puppy to eat.  Continue practicing this command/behavior until you no longer have to cover the treat, but your puppy will wait on you to direct him to eat.


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles
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