One more reason to love TLC Pet Food …

Summer CoolPrebiotics and Probiotics are an important part of a dogs life. TLC includes both of these in their food blends for a healthier digestive system for your dog. It is important to take these especially as a puppy because they are coming into contact with many things that can tear up their guts.

Every time your Australian Labradoodle is on an antibiotic or dewormer they need to build good bacteria back up in their tummy. The best way is in their food, and TLC Pet Food provides this! We recommend adding an additional probiotic when they are on Grain Free Puppy Foodantibiotics, but it is important to continually build a healthy digestive system.

Our dogs love TLC Pet food! This has been the best food we have ever tried and is easiest on their tummy’s. We strongly encourage our families to stay on this food for life!

TLC has created a great blog for those of you who would like more information on how these benefit your Australian Labradoodle. Visit TLC blogs to learn more.

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