Puppy Games for This Cold Februrary

Here in the Midwest, Old Man Winter is making himself right at home!  We have had record low temps and record amounts of snow!  DuchessIn an earlier blog post, we told you about some indoor games you can play with your puppy when the weather is too frightful for you to get out.  Today we would like to share even more games with you!  These games have been given the name “armchair games,” which can be defined as low impact for your puppy, and really emphasize their mental exercise.

Game 1 : Hop Over

Take a seat on the couch or a comfortable chair, extend your legs out from where you are sitting.
2)   Call your puppy to one side of your legs, have him sit.
3)   Show him a reward that he enjoys (a treat, a favorite toy)
4)   Use the treat to entice hime over your legs. (For the first few times you might have to lead him over your with the treat)
5)  Once your puppy has got than hang of slowly crossing over your legs, increase the speed

Game 2:  Bubbles

Call your puppy over to your side

bubblesAt first if your puppy seems a little confused, be the example and pop a few bubbles so he can see the object of the gameBlow the bubbles and encourage your puppy to chase and pop them!

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