In your puppy’s early days and months at your home you will find he is very curious about his environment.  It is important that you make preparations to help keep him safe during this time.  One of the best ways to keep your puppy safe during these exploring years is to puppy proof your home.

  • Clancy sitting Angel's 2ndShut doors
  • Put up gates (please refer to our earlier blog post “Labradoodles and Stairs” to see the importance of keeping your puppy off of stairs during their first year of life)
  • Keep small objects off the floor
  • Keep house plants out of reach
  • Keep electrical cords picked up and out of the way (make sure video game controllers stay put away, etc)
  • Keep all medical supplies and cleaning supplies out of reach

It is also important for you to remember, that your labradoodle will be growing a lot over the next few months, so when making these preparations, be sure that as they grow they continue to stay safe from these potential hazards.

Cheryl Sabens

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