RoseSocialization is an important aspect of your puppy’s life.  The basic definition of socialization is “the process of developing relationship with other living beings, people, and animals.”  Your puppy will interact and be stimulated by an enormous amount of stimuli within a very short time.  It is crucial to teach your puppy not to fear and become anxious of the many stimuli he will face.  The critical socialization time to teach is from the the puppy’s first days to 16 weeks of age.  Setting a strong foundation for during these first crucial weeks will help make a well balanced dog later in life.  Over the next several blog posts, we will give you helpful tips on how to help your puppy become comfortable in most any situation he will face.
 At Ashford Manor we know how important socialization is so we start when the puppies are born until they join your family.  Find out more in future emails.
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