Other Socialization Tips

Your puppy will encounter many different surfaces throughout his life.  It is important to supply your puppy with opportunities to experience many

George different textures at a young age (this will relieve the fear and anxiety that he could feel later on in life).  Let your puppy walk on sand, ceramic, wet surfaces, manholes and grates, gravel, etc.  By allowing your puppy to come in contact with these different textures, it will help him to be comfortable when walking on different surfaces.  Be sure to be encouraging and positive when introducing him to new textures.  Give him treats often, as this will help give him a positive association with the new textures, as well.

There are a wide variety of places Ashford Manor Labradoodle puppies live: in the city, in the country, in extremely cold climates, and in other countries We work on exposing them to different sounds, textures, people, and smells in their first 8 weeks of life. We take them for car rides, to the vet, play with their feet, tail, and ears and so much more!

Did you know?

Your puppy or dog may need to be reintroduced to things depending on where they are standing? Yes, it is true! If you are wearing a baseball cap outside and that is what your Australian Labradoodle is used to, they may need reassurance when you go inside wearing a baseball cap!

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