Teaching Socialization

Puppy Paws


Simple, effective techniques of introducing your puppy to new environments, smells, people, and other stimuli can     prove to calm your puppy’s fears and anxieties of the unknown.  When encountering something new, you yourself need to remain calm, talk through the situation, and reward his calm behavior with a treat.

To give an example of this method, I will describe a hypothetical situation to demonstrate this simple technique in motion.

You are out on a walk and a child approaches you and asks to pet your puppy.  Tell the child, “Yes, that is fine, but after your greet my puppy, please give him a treat,” (supply the treat for the child to give).  Before the child approaches your puppy, get down on the same level as your puppy and the child and calmly explain to your puppy that he is making a new friend.  After the child has introduced himself, make sure he gives your dog the treat.

Ashford Manor’s Australian Labradoodle puppies at only 3 days old start with “Super Puppy Exercises” this helps them prepare for many things in the future: kids pulling on them, standing on a grooming table, getting their teeth looked at, having their paws shaved, just to name a few. These exercises can be found at: Breeding Better Dogs and Ashford Manor’s Blog. 

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