Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 3 weeks old!

These Australian Labradoodle puppies are sure getting fed well! They are doing great! Their eyes are open, they are not so wobbly on their legs, they are growing like weeds!

This week we have introduced some toys that they are beginning to play with. We will be introducing a potty area and goats milk to begin them eating on their own!  They will not be completely weaned from mama until they are 6 weeks old.


The Girls!

Cream miniature Australian Labradoodle   Red Australian Labradoodle miniature

The Boys!

Australian Labradoodle miniature red   Green puppy sitting

Summer always has such gorgeous puppies!  Look how photogenic for such young puppies too!  If you are interested in one of these miniature multi-generational Australian Labradoodles, please contact us at 765-714-1436 or visit our website at:


Ashford Manor Labradoodles is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the Australian Labradoodle.  We are a home based breeder who has our dogs living with us and we have our puppies in a sanitary environment where we love on them throughout the day! We have five children  from  8 – 13who are trained to work with our puppies and our dogs to assist in socialization.

Our puppies are:

  • spay/neutered
  • microchipped
  • vet checked
  • wormer at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks
  • age appropriate vaccinations
  • socialized
  • beginning of: crate, potty, and leash training