This is a simple and highly effective method of teaching your puppy.  Teaching your dog to respond to the clicker is a good instrument in training your dog for several reasons.  With click training, you want to catch your dog doing something good.  Once you catch your dog doing something good, click the clicker and reward with a treat.  It will not take your dog long to learn that once they hear the clicker then they will receive a treat.


     In an earlier blog post, we gave instructions on how to teach your dog to sit and down.  Stand will be a great command to teach following these two.  Standing is second nature to your dog, and at first he might think it odd that your will reward him to stand, but this command can be used in many situations where standing is required to make the task at hand easier (i.e., brushing your dog)

Step 1 Have you dog lay or sit down, either ask or dog with a verbal command to stand or with a hand gesture (gesturing with your hand upward) when he obeys click the clicker and reward with a treat.

Step 2: Repeat until the trick is mastered.


  I find this one of the most helpful tricks to teach our dogs.  I can’t tell you how many times a child has left something on the floor that our puppy shouldn’t get into, and a simple STAY command can keep our puppy from getting into trouble until the temptation can be removed from his reach.

Step 1:  Have your dog sit, click and treat.

Step 2:  Say ‘stay’.  Wait 3-6 seconds, and say ‘release’ then click and treat.

Step 3: Have your dog sit again, click and treat, waiting 6-10 seconds.  Say release and then click and treat.

Step 4: Continue this pattern, and when you feel he can confidently wait the amount of time you did previously, increase the wait time before you click and treat again.

This trick will take multiple sessions every day to master, but once learned this is a very rewarding trick for you to have in your bag of tricks.
As with any trick, it is important that you review the tricks with your dog often, as this will keep the trick fresh in his mind!  Continue checking our upcoming blog post for even more tricks to teach your dog!

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