Types of Australian Labradoodle Coats

There are three types of Australian Labradoodle Coats. There is the original coat of the Labradoodle which is a hair coat. Then the true Australian Labradoodle will have one of two coat types, the fleece or wool coat.

Hair Coat

A hair coat is a shedding coat. This is a scruffy, hair coat which you will find needs to be brushed about once a month. This coat is not a true Australian Labradoodle coat.

Fleece Coat

An allergy friendly, non-shedding coat. This can range from a loose wavy look to a tight spiral curl. This coat is very soft like petting a silky cotton that you just can’t stop petting! Almost everyone who feels this coat says, “Wow, it is so soft!” We recommend grooming 2 – 3 times per year.

Wool Coat

This coat reminds me more of a lamb’s wool but softer. It is a very thick, dense coat generally with a tighter curl. This is also a non-shedding, allergy friendly coat. We recommend brushing this coat at least twice per week, and grooming 3 times per year.

Once puppies are between 7 – 10 months of age they will require daily grooming for a period of about two weeks. This is when the adult coat begins to come in. If your puppy suddenly has a lot of mats it is because the adult coat has come in and the puppy coat has gotten all tangled into it. At this time, you will need to have your Australian Labradoodle shaved and then begin regular brushing. See our article on brushing your Australian Labradoodle.

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