Paprika 2014Before your bring your doodle home for the first time, there are a few important steps that you must take.  Within 4 days of bringing your labradoodle home, you must take him to the veterinarian.  On your initial trip, you need to take all the paper work we give you.  This initial appointment will 1) confirm your labradoodle’s state of health 2) establish a relationship with the veterinarian, and 3) allow you to schedule all the upcoming vaccinations.  When choosing a vet, ask friends who they use.  There is nothing wrong with visiting the vet even before your puppy is at home with you.

It is also important for you to consider the costs associated with taking the puppy to the vet.  It is critical that you budget for this expense, as your labradoodle’s health is very important.  Your puppy will receive more shots, they will need a monthly heart worm medicine, flea and tick prevention, and other wellness care.

When you take your puppy to the vet make sure it is a positive experience. To do this visit the vet before taking your new puppy to see how they handle their patients. Also, bring a lot of treats to the visit and reward continually. These things will ensure a positive vet visit for you and your new puppy.

Lastly, if there arises an occasion where you feel the need to take your puppy to an after-hours emergency visit, we recommend calling your vet before taking a trip to an emergency center.  Sometimes your vet would be able to give you advice to help your puppy until the next day and avoid an otherwise unnecessary trip.

Cheryl Sabens

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