Here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles we purchase our pets medications at 1-800 Pet Meds. There are various reasons we do this, one is when we go to the pet store they are usually out of the products we are looking for or we end up purchasing lots of fun looking items and return home without what we went for! If you are like this then online shopping is probably good for you as well.

Here are several reasons I use 1-800 Pet Meds

  • Free Shipping on orders over $39.00
  • I never have to leave home
  • Over 6 million customers like you and I
  • Have great customer service
  • Have a 100% guarantee if you don’t like the product, your pet reacted to it, or you change your mind
  • On staff veterinary pharmacists to assist in questions you may have
  • Provide numerous reading material on various subjects
  • Products for cats, dogs, and horses

As a breeder of the Australian Labradoodle, we want to ensure premium products for our dogs. We do our homework when it comes to the products we use, and we like to pass that on to our puppy families as well.

Simply Click on the link below and you will be taken to 1-800 Pet Meds directly!

1-800-PetMeds – Get the *Guaranteed Lowest Prices* and Free Shipping for all your Pet’s Health Care needs! Frontline, Advantage, Heartgard, and more! Free Shipping on Orders Over $49!


Cheryl Sabens
Ashford Manor Labradoodles