Dogs are curious, they get into things, and there are a few of those things you need to make sure you keep out of reach of your Australian Labradoodle this Holiday Season!

Holiday bouquets with lilies, holly, or mistletoe are very important to keep out of reach of your dog. Ingestion of these leaves/flowers can be very toxic to you puppy, and could potentially cause gastrointestinal upset and even heart arrhythmias.


Foods to be sure and keep from your puppy are any foods that contain grapes, raisins, and currants (these fruits are found in fruitcakes). Ingesting these foods can result in kidney failure of your puppy.

Chocolate is another food on the naughty list for dogs. Chocolate and cocoa contain the ingredient theobromine, a chemical highly toxic to dogs.

Another ingredient that we have spoke about that is highly toxic to dogs is xylitol. This sugar substitute can cause life threatening drops in blood sugar and cause liver failure.

Last but not least, please think twice about giving your puppy fatty meat scrapes. The fat on the scraps of meat can cause severe inflammation of the pancreas.

At Ashford Manor, we pride ourselves in giving our puppies and dogs the best care, and one very easy way that you can do that is by being proactive about keeping your puppy away from things in your home that might be harmful to them!


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles
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