Summer Heat Affecting Your Dogs Eating?

Have you ever played outside in the summer for too long and lost your appetite?

In hot weather, your body is already working hard to keep you from overheating, and it doesn’t need the extra heat from digesting a big dinner. So your appetite is temporarily dialed back and your body gets more of its energy from stored fat reserves instead. This is the case in dogs too.

You may notice that your pup doesn’t have the same eating habits in the summer as they normally do in the winter or fall. This is completely normal when is comes to your Australian Labradoodle. Your pup may go from eating their full breakfast to only having half or even none of it, but don’t be alarmed this isn’t something to be worried about just yet. Australian Labradoodles are very good about regulating themselves to only eat when they are hungry.

Keep an eye on your pup and be aware of just how much they are eating. Make sure to have plenty of cold water at all times and make sure your pup has plenty of cooling down period throughout the day. Having adventures outdoors is the perfect thing to do in the summer but be conscious when is comes to your dogs body temperature. Are they panting a lot? Are they lethargic? Are they having a hard time breathing?

When to start worrying

Has your dog lost weight? Weigh your pup to insure there is no significant weight loss. Check your pups gums to make sure they are not pale or tacky. Healthy gums are pink and wet to the touch.

You can always try to add cooked plain chicken to their meals or rice and vegetable.

Be sure to keep your furry pal safe this summer!

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