Summer is the time of year that most dogs are lost. We are busy outdoors and have our Australian Labradoodles with us and then as we get busy they disappear. This can happen for various reasons. Some  things that startle them are fireworks, or other objects they are not used to seeing or hearing such as tractors or airplanes.

Fourth of July is right around the corner! You can do things now to help your dog stay safe and be prepared for the festivities.

4th of July Preparation for you Doodle

  • Make sure your canine is microchipped and registered. If not get this done first!All American Puppy
  • Make sure your dog has a safe place to be, we recommend a crate. If they are not used to a crate a different secure environment.
  • Get a sound app that plays fireworks and sirens. Begin playing this softly while you are with your Labradoodle. Gradually have it get louder. Then begin playing it softly while you are out of the room and they are in a safe location, gradually as the days go have it get louder.
  • Make 4th of July celebrations fun for your dog. Have plenty of treats, do not take them into situations you know are stressful

Set your Australian Labradoodle up for Success!

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