Dog Eye and Ear Maintenance

Dirty earsBecause dogs do not have a way to communicate to us what is wrong we need to be proactive in keeping them healthy. It is possible for dogs to be pawing at their eyes and ears for various reasons and as a responsible pet owner you should investigate to find out why.

No dog or child just naturally holds perfectly still to have their ears cleaned. This is something that you need to teach your Australian Labradoodle by first gently massaging in their ears.

The ear canal is a sensitive area so you want to be aware of how they are reacting. Some dogs whine because they know you will stop, this is why it is important to massage their ears and give the treats as you are doing this. This will help them get used to you messing with their ears.

Removing the hair from your dogs ears

It is important to keep your Australian Labradoodles ears free from hair by simply plucking the hair in their ears with your fingers Much cleaner ears

or a tweezers. If you do not feel comfortable doing this your veterinarian or groomer would be happy to do it for you. When the ear canal if full of hair it is more likely that an infection can build up.

We recommend having your groomer shave the hair under the ear flap to help keep air flowing into the canal. This can also help eliminate ear wax build up.  For Australian Labradoodles it is important to keep the ear flap free of excessive hair, to do this gently pull the hair from the ear.

Doggie Ear Wax

A dogs ear wax should also be cleaned regularly.  To do this take a cotton ball and gently go inside the dogs ear cleaning the ear wax as you go. Once the canal seems clean you can thing use an ear cleaning solution.

Get used to the smell of your Labradoodles ear wax smell, this will help you know when to take them to the vet because they have an ear infection. A

  • reddish color waxClean canal
  • smelly odor
  • inflammation
  • redness

can all be signs their is an ear infection, mites, or something else. Make sure you contact your veterinarian if you see changes in their ear wax.

Ear Cleaning Solution

When looking for an ear cleaning solution make sure it is free from alcohol, steroids, or anti-biotics. One thing that you probably have on hand that you could use is apple cider vinegar and water. You mix a 1:1 ration and this works well.  We also like the Verbac Epi-Otic Ear Clenaing Solution.

To clean their ears simply place some of the solution onto a cotton ball and dab it into their ears. Feel free to let your pooch shake their head around this helps get it all over as well as any extra removed. Simply take a cotton ball to wipe the extra.

Keep your Doodles Hair out of their Eyes

It is important to eliminate extra hair from covering your Australian Labradoodles eyes. To do this take a blunt tip scissors and trim the hair. Most of them have long beautiful eye lashes, do NOT trim the eye lashes! If their is hair growing in the corner of their eyes take a blunt scissors on an angle and trim it. Be extremely careful not to poke your dog! Hair that rubs against the eye can cause infection or a scratch on the eye.

Sterile Eye Wash

Sterile Eye Wash is otherwise known as Saline Solution. This can be used if something gets in your Labradoodles eye as well as to wash out a wound. It is made of distilled water and salt. If something is embedded in your dogs eye, be smart and call your vet this is not something for a novice.

Contaminants or pollutants can get in your dogs eyes causing burning, itching, stinging or worse. You can safely flush your dogs eye out with a eye cleaning solution. Check your dogs eyes regularly and contact your veterinarian if you notice any changes.

Here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles it is our job to help keep you informed on how to keep your Australian Labradoodle healthy!

This advices does not take the place of a veterinarian, please contact your veterinarian with any concerns.

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