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This is from a website that has information on the newest product for fleas and ticks called Bravecto. I am always Leary to try a new product before it has been on the market at least one year. I want to see what people are saying about it. 

I know that many people have tried Frontline Plus and it is not effective for their dog anymore. This is because we build up Black aka Crushtolerance to products that have been on the market for long periods of time. This is the case with Frontline Plus for some people. Currently we still use this product successfully.

I have ready many dogs have had seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and death just hours to days after they have started taking Bravecto. This is a red flag in my opinion that I do not want any dog owner to have to go through! Please be advised before giving your Australian Labradoodle any new products on the market.

This is what I found out about Bravecto!

We have given on the recommendation in the last season for the first time Bravecto, a relatively new chewable tablet against fleas and ticks. Currently, we would discourage all dog lovers of the gift of this insect destruction means.
WHY? It is virtually a poison syringe! We give our animals over Bravecto the active ingredient Fluralaner – a synthetic insecticide.

The active ingredient of Fluralaner is spreading through the bloodstream in the entire dog and is kept there for about three months. After that, the next gift is recommended. Liver and kidney work in this time almost continuously, to detoxify the body. Because the remedy has no defensive action, parasites are killed only if they absorb the substance in the blood. What do you mean? Exactly! You still come on the host and bite. So, any transfer of other pathogens (Borrelia!) can not be excluded. While we wanted to avoid this: the bite!

In addition is not clear the blood-brain barrier is how safe and whether the neurotoxin actually only in the nervous system of arthropods. Some dogs may suffer from the MDR1 defect, resulting in hypersensitivity versus drugs. This genetic defect is the blood-brain barrier in stroke. The active ingredient can be lethal for them!

And another thing: there are anti-inflammatory drugs like Fluralaner that are no longer approved since 2005 same active ingredient group. In the United States made no admission in the Switzerland of the market. Bravecto is permitted only in Germany! Since laughing is the pharmaceutical industry but one sleeve, or?

Here a very interesting post by the biologist Dr. Frauke Garbers, who is in because it’s with the drug, has concerns.
We return to the ranch to the proven collar, we avoid direct skin contact of various tinctures, in order to pollute our dogs any more. Also monitored daily on parasites!

Be your dogs advocate!

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