Yes, we have yet another pet food recall this month of February! Unfortunately it is becoming all to common to see pet food recalls. This time it is because of metal contamination. To stay in tune with the top information please subscribe to Dog Food Advisor as this is where this information comes from.

Recalled products include:

  • Companion Dog Food with Chicken and Rice
  • 13.2 ounce can
  • UPC: 68826707501
  • Codes: Best By 08/05/2019
  • Companion Dog Food with Chicken, Lamb and Rice
  • 13.2 ounce can
  • UPC: 68826700360
  • Codes: Best By 08/05/2019
  • Companion Dog Food with Turkey and Bacon
  • 13.2 ounce
  • UPC: 68826700356
  • Codes: Best By 08/05/2019

What to Do?

Customers are invited to return the impacted product for a full refund. For additional information, call 479-935-6145. U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area. Or go to Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

A Dog Food Never Recalled

We use a dog food that has never been recalled because we feel confident and safe using this product. It is called Life’s Abundance, with a direct link to my website by clicking here. This product is made in the USA, they make a grain free food, they have great treats, and it is shipped directly to your door. By the time you add shipping it is around $2.25/pound and completely worth it! You can have piece of mind that your dog is eating healthy and safe.

Your dogs food is important to your canines health!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

Life’s Abundance Distributor