The Perfect Way to Bathe an Australian Labradoodle

Here are some tips before starting:

   #1when bathing your Australian Labradoodle it is most likely your going to get wet. So in preparation make sure that you’re wearing the proper clothing.

   #2make sure to have a towel nearby.

 Step 1.Use warm water . Wet the coat completely to the skin. This may take a little longer for Australian Labradoodles as it has Valencia babiesto get through all the coat. This will make your dog relaxed and feel comfortable.

Step 2.Once you have gotten your dogs coat wet, it’s time to lather the coat with shampoo. Place a small amount of shampoo in your hand, rub them together, then apply it to your dog.

 Step 3. Once you’ve applied the shampoo gently massage it into the coat. Making sure to apply the shampoo to each leg including the paws. While you’re massaging the shampoo into the dogs hair make sure to avoid the eyes, ears, and mouth.

 Step 4. Its time to rinse your dog. Make sure the water is warm! It’s best if you do the neck first then the back then the chest and legs. After all the shampoo is rinsed off, let your dog shake it’s body to get the access water off.

 Step 5. The last thing is to dry your dog. Taking a towel and gently remove the moisture out of their coat. Once you’ve hand dried the hair, you can either let the dog air dry (do not let the dog be in cold weather) or you can dry the rest of the coat with a professional doggie hair dryer or a human hair dryer (the human hair dryer MUST be on a cold setting). If you do not have a doggie hair dryer and your human hair dryer doesn’t have a cool setting we recommend that you let you dog air dry.

 Step 6. Finally comb your pets hair. Making sure that you carefully comb the face including the ears, chest, back, tail, legs, and stomach.

Once you have completed all these steps, your dog should be clean and sparklingly, and they will appreciate your good work you’ve done to keep them comfortable.

Cheryl Sabens

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