Happy Memorial Day 2022!

Memorial Day is often the start of summer, with BBQ’s picnics, pool party’s, and outdoor fun! Your Australian Labradoodle is a trusty companion during these events, but it is our job as humans, to keep them safe!

Most dogs love swimming! It is a great way for them to get exercise without putting pressure on their joints. However, many dogs do not know how to regulate their water intake pools, lakes, and other bodies of water. Be sure to look for signs of water toxicity including lethargy, elating, lack of appetite, or vomiting.

You can give your dog a life vest to help keep their mouth above water and give them water toys with tails to help them keep their mouth more closed when moving through the water.

Our pups would also love to join in on a BBQ! Be careful what snacks you give them. Cooked bones, fat and grass, and an excess of salty meats are all dangerous for Australian Labradoodles. A bite of hot dog, hamburger, or chicken can ve a fun reward but make sure it’s not in excess. Watermelon, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and celery are all tasty low calorie snacks that you dog will love. Try putting them in the freezer or freezing them in plain greek yogurt for a cool “pup-sicle”!

Always make sure your dog has good training and tools to keep them safe! Even if you are in a fenced – in yard, a strong recall command is advised.

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