Happy New Year to all of you Doodle Lovers!!

We hope you will give your Australian Labradoodles big hugs and kisses for us as you bring in the New Year! We have lots of puppies and new tricks planned for 2016. Join us as we post a new article each month about a trick for your dog. To bring in the New Year we are doing the …

Army Crawl


Start by telling your dog to lie down. Hold a treat firmly between your fingers so that your dog can smell and lick the treat but cannot take it from your hand.

Hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose, and slowly drag it along the floor. As soon as your dog crawls just a few feet, praise him, and give him the treat. If the dog stands up to take the treat, quickly take it away, and start again from the beginning.

Try to get your dog to crawl for a slightly longer distance each time. Once he has mastered the trick, command your dog to lie down when he is at least 10 – 15 feet away, and then get him to crawl towards you.

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

Thank you for reading! Have fun with your pet learning new tricks all year!

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