Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles is in the business of educating our puppy families to make sure they are ready when their new Australian Labradoodle Puppy arrives. To do this we send lots of literature each week to help teach our puppy families. We like to put things out on our blog that may help our puppy families or other families who have a beloved canine companion.

This article will help you to know what to do when your dog gets sick. One of the previous articles on Ashford Manor’s blogs talks about what to do when your dog is vomiting. Any time your dog is not himself you should find out why. When you are sick you seek help through medication, a doctor, or herbal remedies. Your canine companion looks to you for assistance. As responsible pet owners, we find out what is causing the issues.

5 Reasons Dogs Get Diarrhea

1. Food Poisoning. This is one of the least worrying when it comes to your dog’s illness. Dogs can get food poisoning, just like any human. It is common if you are feeding your dog scraps from your plate. The diarrhea should only last 24 hours, if it is any longer then you need to take you dog to the vet.
2. Diet. What your dog eats could play a part in its diarrhea. Over eating or foods with high fat content can cause diarrhea. Keep an eye on your dog and if the symptom persists, speak to your vet.
3. Infections. If your dog is suffering from an infection in the intestines then one symptom would be diarrhea. This is when you need to look at the color of your dog’s stools. If they are black or there is blood in them, that could indicate an infection. Many infections can be caused by a number of things such as your dog’s diet, any allergies your dog may have and even parasites.
4. Metabolic Diseases. This includes kidney infections and liver diseases, but there are many others that are much more serious. Another sign would be if your dog is vomiting, the two are usually present together when it comes to diseases.
5. Parasites. These would be tapeworms or roundworms and they usually play a large part in gastric problems, including diarrhea. You should have your dog wormed everything three months, which can be done by a vet, to stop parasites from making your dog ill.
Looking after your dog is extremely important; it cannot tell you outright when there is something wrong. If you think that it is ill, keep an eye on it. It is important to watch for any chronic diarrhea in dogs because if it does last for more than 24 hours you need to get it to a vet. The sooner you get your dog treated, the easier the problem is to treat; and the more likely your dog will make a dull recovery without any problems.

Get to the Vet if your dog has

Blood in the diarrhea
Lethargy or depression
Weight Loss
Loss of appetite
Foul smelling diarrhea
Any other sign of illness

Ways to Treat Diarrhea in Dogs

  • Boiled potato (plain without skin. Feed on small potato.)
  • Hard boiled egg (plain)
  • Boiled chicken (no skin or bone)
  • Scrambled egg (no salt & pepper)
  • White rice (plain)
  • Pure Pumpkin Puree – 1 cup (this has lots of fiber to absorb excess water, to much can make liquid stools.)
This is called a bland diet and it is recommended to feed small portions to the dog until the runny bowel movements stop. Do not feed the amount of food you normally would to your dog while he isn’t feeling well.
 At Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles we feel it is important to keep our puppy families up-to-date on the latest information. When there are dog food recalls, we post it on our website to alert our families. Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles takes great pride in each and every puppy that we raise, we pass that responsibilty onto our puppy families when they take home their forever puppies.
Ashford Manor Labradoodles is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the Australian Labradoodle. We know it is our job to provide a well socialized puppy who does his/her job. We are located in central Indiana and have placed puppies in homes all over the United States … including Alaska.  We know how difficult it can be to find a puppy near you that was raised by a responsible breeder, that is why Ashford Manor Labradoodles is dedicated to helping each and every family in whatever ways we can.

Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles is a proud member of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America).