Occasionally, I hear this question “My puppy is peeing even though I am taking him out.”

Did you know?

It is possible to take your Australian Labradoodle puppy out to often? You’re actually probably taking him out too often.  (Yes, that’s totally possible.) Caramel mini Australian Labradoodle

How to solve this?

The best thing to do to get your Ashford Manor Labradoodle puppy housetrained is to get him on a schedule.  We recommend taking them out based upon their age. If they are 8 weeks old, take them out every 2 hours, if they are 16 weeks old take them out every 4 hours.

We also recommend taking them out when he comes out of the crate, whenever he wakes up, whenever he’s had food or water, or whenever he’s had a lot of playtime. Calculated out this comes to about every 2 hours in the beginning.

Dogs love a routine. 

Dogs want to know the same things are going to happen throughout the day. The routine – potty training schedule – is to help them learn quickly when it is time to go potty. By taking your puppy out, they will know what you want from them, this will help make potty training a breeze.

Puppies need to be supervised every second. If you see your puppy starting to go potty inside, simply pick him up and take him outside. This reminds him that going potty is only for the outside. If you are not watching him or he is not tethered to you, he should be in his crate. This is crate training.

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