In our last blog post, we stated that using a crate can help in potty training your puppy.  In order to successfully train your puppy to use the restroom OUTSIDE, it is very important that initially you have TOTAL control of ALL their time.  Using the crate will help you not to lose your mind, giving you time when you don’t have to have your eyes glued on your puppy.


The crate is a great help in potty training because dogs are very clean animals.  Here at Ashford Manor, we pride ourselves on keeping our puppies in a very clean area.  We daily clean the floors with all natural cleaners and take every measure possible to have a spotless puppy room.  It is very unlikely that your puppy will soil in their crate because they are accustomed to cleanliness.  Initially, you will want to take your puppy out approximately every 2 hours to go potty.  When you take her out, be sure to repeat the words for her to know to go to the restroom, whether that is “go potty” or whatever command you have chosen.  Once the puppy does go to the restroom, be sure to reward her!


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles