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Memorial Day can be a great way to kick off the summer season with many different activities which can include your Australian Labradoodle! There are a few key things to keep in mind to make sure your furry friends are happy and healthy this fun filled day!

With the start of summer things are heating up, that means making sure your pups are staying cool is an important factor to think about.

Overheating can be a dangerous thing especially if you do not see the signs of it. Some common signs to keep an eye on is excessive panting, slowing down activity, excess drool, general discomfort of the dog, and labored breathing.

These signs can be hard to identify if you aren’t keeping a close eye on them. So, a great way to prevent all of this is to make sure they have access to water, a shaded or air-conditioned place to relax, and when playing with your Australian Labradoodle make sure to limit how long they exercise for.

Another thing to consider for your Australian Labradoodles is to help them relax during fireworks! While some pups might not be bothered by the loud bang of a firework, some dogs can get frightened by all the activity. It is important to prevent any stress that comes along with it during this Memorial Day Weekend.

Here are some tips for a nervous furry friend to feel a little more comfortable during this time!

  • Long walks prior to the fireworks to allow them to relax
  • Make sure your pup is in a familiar environment
  • Music, television, or other household sounds to drown out the noise of the fireworks
  • Treats are a great distraction! Putting healthy treats in Kong toys can keep them distracted and happy
  • Lastly, if these don’t work and your dog is very anxious, consider talking to your vet for different options to help them relax

Memorial Day can be such a fun time to the start of summer and making sure your Australian Labradoodles are happy and healthy is super important! With these tips and tricks, you are on your way to a fantastic time for everyone!

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