Mini multi-gen Australian Labradoodles

Ashford Manor Labradoodles currently has two small non-shedding dogs available to a good home. They are gorgeous black mini that will be from 15 – 25 pounds and stand 14″ – 16″ tall at the base of the neck.

These black Mini Australian Labradoodles are unbelievable gorgeous! Before this litter I had never seen one before, but they are stunning! The female almost looks like a very dark chocolate, she has a face that will lure anyones heart!

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles are non-shedding. The two types of coats are fleece and wool. Both of these non-shedding puppies have wavy fleece coats. This is the ideal coat of an Australian Labradoodle. They are very easy to care for and very low maintenance. Fleece coats need to be brushed once or twice a week and doodles need to go to the groomer twice a year.

As the puppy coats turn into adult coats they will need to be brushed twice a week. It is good to get them into the habit of brushing when they are young and then it is easy to do as they mature. Our doodles do not have sensitivity issues to brushing, having their feet touched, or any parts of their bodies. From the time they are very young, we touch them all over to make sure they will be ready for many different situations.

Ashford Manor’s Rosemary!

This is Ashford Manor’s Rosemary. We call her Rosie. She has a face just like her mom, she is stunning! Her mannerisms are perfect, she sits to be petted! She sleeps in her crate which is also where she naps. She sleeps from 10 pm to 7 am EST. That is fabulous for a puppy!

Rosie is 3 months old. We continue to train her every day. She is just a little doll. She loves to give kisses! Rosie is actually one of the puppies that everyone in our family just loves! We don’t mind keeping her around because she is so easy!

We tether her to our waist most of the day. If we are sitting, she is sitting. If we are running, she is running. If we are walking, she is walking! We do this to help train her. Every 3 hours we take her outside for a potty break where she does her business. When we go to play she is taken off leash and runs around chasing a ball, a shadow, or whatever to get her exercise.

Ashford Manor’s Sage

This is Ashford Manor’s Sage. He is such a handsome fellow with a regalness about him.  Look at the way he is sitting and has his head cocked, he knows he is handsome!

Sage settles himself very well. He does occasionally jump, although that is diminishing. He loves to run and play, but he also loves to just lay on your lap!

Just last night we were watching a movie and Sage and Rosie were just laying on our laps enjoying being snuggled. Sage is going to be a large mini weighing about 25 pounds and standing about 16″ tall.

Sage is also walking very nicely on a leash during our daily walks and being tethered to us daily. He sleeps well in his crate also from 10 pm – 7 pm EST. When Sage wakes up and goes to the bathroom, he wants to play. He says I have been in here long enough, now it’s time to run! He also is going potty outside with an occasional accident.

Ashford Manor Labradoodles is a proud member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. This is an organization which helps Australian Labradoodle breeders to make sure that our testing is on time and this is also where we register our puppies.

Ashford Manor is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the Labradoodle. Our dogs are always in our home not in the garage or in an outside building. We have remodeled our home to make a puppy room where our puppies live with their moms. Ashford Manor is located in-between Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our puppies have gone as far as Alaska!