Tips & Tricks To Socializing During Quarantine

The question I get most often right now is, “How do we socialize our puppy during this quarantine period?” This is a great question! It also means you guys are processing through how important puppy socialization is as well as preparing for your new arrival!

WARNING: It is very important that when you are playing these games that you reward your puppy for checking out the situation. You can do this by petting them or giving them treats. Do NOT coddle your puppy as this will encourage the fear. You do NOT want to scare your puppy, you want to make this fun and a happy time!

Who’s At The Door Game

If you have kids this can be a really fun game that you daily play. Of course you need to play this game at different times throughout the day.

Dress Up4220How it works:

Your house probably has several different doors, if you do, use all of them! Have your puppy in different locations in the home and have different family members go to different doors. Sometimes you ring a door bell, knock lightly, bang on the door, etc. by doing this your puppy will hear not only the sounds coming from different places they will also be hearing different ways of door knocking.

Using an iPad or some device have different sounds coming from the other side of the door. Have a dog barking, kids screaming, playing, ambulances, horns honking, etc. All different sounds coming from the other side of the door to mimic what they will be hearing once quarantines are finished.

Dress Up Game

This is very similar to the game above. Have family members come to the door in different costumes:

Baseball caps, cowboy hat, silly costumes like for halloween, sun glasses, Dress Up4221
long coats, winter coats, snow caps, snow boots, rain boots, etc.

This can also be played in your home. You can come from different rooms as well as wearing different things.

Silly Sound Game

This game can be used with an electronic device, musical instruments, and just voices. You would make different sounds such as:

Whistling, baby cooing, crying, yelling, banging dishes around, stomping, and more.

 Neighborhood Adventure Time

Dress Up4222Take your puppy for a walk in new neighborhoods. This will involve a car ride … great socialization.  Also includes a  new location with different sights, sounds, and smells. Hopefully you can see people from a distance. Some neighborhoods have different types of drain covers that your puppy can walk over.

Puppy Work Out

Teach your puppy to sit. Teach your puppy to lay down. Now put the two things together and have your puppy sit and then down. Once they have mastered this make them do two push ups before receiving a treat. And you can increase this, I would not do more than 3 – 5 push ups for a puppy to receive a treat.

Relaxation Time

During this time sit down to watch a show or movie where the puppy will be able to hear the sounds as well. This is great for your puppy to hear new things. During this time put your puppy on their back and rub their belly. Then tip their head up and stroke under their chin to their chest. Rub your finger between each of their paw pads. Play with their ears. Stroke from their nose to the top of their head. This will help your puppy relax and give you a bonding time.

Most of all enjoy this time with your family and your puppy!

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