Have you ever played outside in the summer for too long and gotten a headache? Maybe you forgot to drink water frequently? Maybe you forgot your flip flops getting out of the pool and burned your feet on the pool deck?

These are all common problems we humans experience in the summer, but it’s important to remember that dogs can have the Apricot ALDsame experiences! It’s important that dogs only sweat through their paws, but the primary way they cool off is through panting. Helping them to regulate their temperature through the dog days of summer is crucial to make sure they stay healthy.

If you’re playing outside, make sure to have fresh, cold water available for your Australian Labradoodle. Never go more than an hour without a water break, but more frequent water breaks are preferred. Small amounts of water more frequently will prevent your dog from drinking too much water in one go and getting bloated. Bloating can be life-threatening, so if your dog does slurp down the entire water bowl, keep an eye on their torso for bloating and make sure they are not lethargic. If you do see either of these signs, take them to the vet immediately.

Red ALD by wood fenceConversely, if your Labradoodle’s gums and nose dry out, their eyes seem red or dry, and they are lethargic, they are dehydrated. Encourage your dog to drink water! A little chicken broth or coconut water can help replenish their electrolytes and be a tasty treat to entice them to drink.

We also need to watch out for our dogs’ paws when it is hot out. While the air temperature might be comfortable, the concrete, asphalt, or sand could be much hotter. If you cannot leave your palm comfortably on the ground for about a minute, your dog cannot walk bare-pawed on that surface safely. Booties can be great way to keep your dog’s paws safe and still let them explore and walk with you.

After long walks, consider giving your dog a paw massage with coconut oil or a product like “musher’s secret” or “paw balm”, it will help keep their paw pads supple and let them relax after a long day of playing!

Be sure to keep your furry pal safe this summer!

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