Protect Your Dog During The Winter Season

Carry dogHave you ever noticed that your dog loves to take a walk and on some days during the winter they do not want to go anywhere? For humans this makes us think they are just being stubborn although for dogs they are trying to tell you something. The salt on roads and sidewalks can actually be irritating your dogs pads!

There are a few alternatives to the harsh salts for your dogs paws, unfortunately the whole neighborhood is not going to change the salt they use for you. So, we need to think of what will help your dog during these situations.


  • Wearing snow boots, generally if you start this young puppies are okay with it otherwise you may have trouble getting your Australian Labradoodle to enjoy putting on their boots. Lots of treats may help also!Gracie winter outfit 2015
  • Picking up your Doodle when you see large areas of salt
  • Wipe your paws immediately upon arriving home
  • Take short walks instead of long walks
  • Play in grassy areas instead of sidewalks and areas with salt

Have Fun With Your Australian Labradoodle During All Seasons!

Cheryl Sabens

Australian Labradoodle Breeder

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