The Australian Labradoodle, a non-shedding, allergy friendly dog!

What fun we had doing puppy pictures! Around 3 weeks old puppies starting playing with each other and they are so precious because they cannot see clearly yet and bark at the wall and silly things like this. Around 5 weeks of age they are starting to show who they are, although this changes daily. About 6 weeks of age they are really getting to be fun, they start following you, chasing objects and retrieving them, etc. Around 7 weeks of age we do temperament testing, this is the age we really start to see their little personalities blossom!

These puppies are 6 weeks old and we tried to do pictures with all of them in a garden tractor, although only one cooperated!

Silly puppies Australian Labradoodle fun

Precious pups


Here are some candid shots of the day, some are tired out from the photo sessions and some are ready to play!

apricot australian labradoodle   Labradoodle play brothers

Cheryl Sabens

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