So you brought your puppy home and you just love them, right? They are just so much fun, playful, and cuddly. You just wish the diarrhea would stop, figuring it’s the stress of the transition to a new home. Possibly. But that’s not always the case, it could be allergies, something they ate, or something worse,  and the longer you wait before seeking veterinary help, the more difficult it may be to end the cycle.

Two of the most frustrating but common parasites your puppy or dog might be suffering from are Giardia and Coccidia. These are not worms, but two species of protozoa – single-celled organisms that reproduce in the intestines of infected animals and shed their spores into the environment through the infected animals’ feces. These spores can survive in watery environments and soil, long enough to be incidentally consumed by other animals, either by drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated grass, or just walking through contaminated soil and then licking themselves.

These parasites are commonly found in rescues, kennels, and daycare facilities, mainly because it is so difficult to end the life cycle and lots of dogs go through these places. Wild animals can transmit Giardia, and birds can spread Coccidia to a new location as well.

If you think your puppy is suffering from either of these parasites, call or visit your vet to get prescribed the proper treatment.

In conclusion, Giardia and Coccidia is fairly common in dogs and is easily treated. Your pet can contract either of these parasites from many places. Dog parks, boarding facilities, groomers, day care facilities, rest stops, and so many more places. Here at Ashford Manor, we highly recommends not going to places where lots of dogs have been, like rest stops and dog parks.