Crate Training 101

Do I Need To Crate Train?

Absolutely! A crate is a safe place for your dog or puppy. Just as dogs have dens in the wild they need one in your home. This  is the place they sleep, relax, and have their puppies. Your crate is a safe place, a den in the wild, for your puppy.

Is It Cruel?

Not at all! Remember, it is their safe place. It would be more cruel not to give them a safe place. If you have children, your dog may want to retreat to his safe place aka crate. If it is thundering and lightening, your dog may choose to mosey on over to his safe place.

My puppy went potty in his crate, I thought they don’t do that?

It is okay. A few accidents from a puppy is not desirable, although it is not horrible. There is nothing wrong with your puppy. Give him a chance and he will learn. Please see our tips on potty training 101.

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