Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles believes in positive training for your dog. We do this by rewarding our dogs when they do things we like. We start our puppies off with clicker training and do this with our adults occasionally as well. Our adult canine companions mostly receive positive words instead of using a clicker. We have taught all of our adult dogs how to use agility equipment just by praising and rewarding them when they did things well.

Teaching Your Dog Using Positive Training

Ashford Manor Labradoodles think that Clicker Training is the best approach for you and your puppy.  It is not necessary to swat your dog, you will see results quicker and with less stress by choosing the Clicker Training approach.
There are various types of clicker training, we find the best one is click and reward.  This is a very simple system.  We simply click and treat with any positive behaviors that we visualize.  It doesn’t matter if we are working on something and the canine does something else we like, we click and treat for that positive behavior.  Basically we are reinforcing positive behavior and ignoring negative behavior.

How it works:

1.      When you get your puppy home, simply place him in a confined area and when you see him go towards his crate or bed click and reward him with a treat.
2.      Continue this every time he goes towards his resting quarters.
3.      When he actually touches his bed, click and give him 2 or 3 treats.
4.      If your puppy lays down on his bed or in his crate, click and give him 4 or 5 treats.
5.      You will notice your puppy going back to the bed and watching to see if you are going to reward him.
In essence, what you are doing is teaching him that when he does what you are wanting him to do he will be rewarded, eventually you will no longer need to click and treat, your puppy will just know and you will move on to the next behavior.
**It is imperative that you click immediately on the behavior or your dog will be confused.
**As your dog gets “it”, start decreasing the amount of treats and eventually wean them completely.
**Work for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time with your dog, it is best to work on these behaviors multiple times per day.
**Visit our website at for our recommendation for books on this subject.