Wow, everyday there are such remarkable changes with all these puppies. They grow and develop so fast it is hard to imagine! They go from depending on their mom completely and in four short weeks are already beginning to eat from sources other than their mom! Within 7 weeks they have discovered their little personalities, have experience many sights, sounds and textures! By 8 weeks these little beauties are already entering your homes! The time goes by so fast as we love on these little puppies. They are so sweet and it is so soothing to work with them! We can all say that puppy hood brings us great joy!

All of the puppies have their eyes open, although some only slightly. They are all starting to wobble around on their legs. Unfortunately, I videoed them after they ate so they were happy just to sleep. Notice their big tummies, they are eating well!

Here is a link to the You Tube video that we just made of these puppies! They are so plump it is enjoyable to see them moving around!