So your dog is out running around the yard or maybe you are on a walk and your pup is exploring, while doing so, they can pick up microorganisms like fungus or bacterium called Leptospira. They can be found in soil or water, and they can make your furry friend sick. 

Leptospira can develop into Leptospirosis which is a life-threatening disease. It can be transmitted through contaminated mud, water, urine, by being bitten by an infected animal, or even consuming tissue from an infected animal. And yes, it can spread to a human!

What can we do? A good start is to watch out for these symptoms, such as, lethargy, poor appetite, tender muscles, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, shivering, dehydration, urinating more or less often, painful swelling around eyes, and not wanting to move. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, please visit a vet.

But how to we prevent this? There is a canine vaccine that can be given to your dog, but it is important to talk with your vet about the risks of the vaccine. Another prevention measure is avoiding stagnant or potentially contaminated water, deter them from sniffing or licking urine spots, and consider trying to control local rodent and raccoon populations as these animals can carry leptospirosis.