10 Things Every Australian Labradoodle Owner Should Know

by: Ashford Manor Labradoodles


1.  Australian Labradoodles are extremely intelligent, they must be trained early and continually challenged.
2.  Whether Australian Labradoodles puppies are puppies and they will get into trouble if they are not trained and redirected.
3.  Australian Labradoodles since your mood; and are eager to please you.
4.  Most groomers will shave them like a poodle, take pictures with you of how you would like them groomed.
5.  Make sure everyone uses the same commands for training and the same place for pottytraining or your puppy will  be confused.
6.  If you want two puppies we recommend you do not choose littermates.
7.  Often you will read that AL’s make great service dogs and therapy dogs, this is because they are so smart and quick to train!
8.  Do not play tug-of-war with your puppy, it teaches them to hold on tight to things later … this can
be a big problem in the future.
9.  Australian Labradoodles do not shed so they need their ears plucked either by you or a groomer. Ashford Manor sends home instructions on how to do this.
10.  As with any dog, they need their teeth brushed, daily exercise, food and water.

Puppyhood doesn’t last forever, be patient and laugh often!

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we send lots of literature for you to read and learn how to raise a puppy. We will also send  you pictures for grooming as well. We offer a lifetime of support for all of our puppy families.