1. Always use positive reinforcement for good behaviors, such as going potty or poop when you ask them to outside.  Also use praise for good crate behaviors, and for responding well to commands.
  2. Provide treats for good behavior.
  3. Teach your puppy to trust and listen to others as well as yourself.Supplements for dogs
  4. Stay away from “people food”
  5. We recommend NuVet and TLC products for your Ashford Manor puppy.
  6. Practice often with your puppy for him/her to master skills.
  7. We recommend using “bells” at the door that is used for potty and poop. Use their front paw to “ring” the bells each time you take them outside… soon they will begin doing this on their own.
  8. If you puppy begins to “jump up” on you, firmly say “OFF” and Service Dog Availablealso bend your knee so that they understand this is not acceptable.
  9. Remember to take away water bowls early in the evening, especially during potty training. This helps your puppy sleep through the night.
  10. Keep commands simple! A firm “Un Uh” or “NO” goes a long way in training. Likewise, a sweet “GOOD PUPPY” is perfect for reinforcing positive behaviors


Give your puppy plenty of time to play, and exercise, and then plenty of time for rest. Set up for years of a special bond between you and your Ashford Manor Puppy!!!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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