Your puppy will encounter many things that will naturally annoy him.  There are many things that you can do in advance to help them cope with these annoyances and to better tolerate the situation.
Many puppies squirm, whimper, and dislike getting their nails clipped.  One of the best ways to help your puppy overcome his utter dislike of getting his nails clipped is to take each of his paws and individually play with each toe, toe nail, and in between the toe.
Another annoyance that your puppy will face is having to take oral medication, topical medication, inspection of their skin, and being groomed.  Handling your puppy around the head and body will help relax your puppy when he encounters these annoyances.  When handling your puppy around the head, pet around the eyes and ears gently.  Open the dogs mouth rub the back of the puppy’s head and down his neck.  When handling the body of your puppy, be sure to pet his underbelly, side, and back.  Also, individually rub down each leg and his tail.  By allowing your puppy to get used to being handled, he will not be as unsettled in situations that may cause him to be annoyed.
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