Are Avocados Safe for Dogs?


Avocados are not safe for all animals. Avocados are excellent for human health and may even kill breast cancer cells. They contain a component called Persin. Persin is an oil-soluible fungicide which is in the leaves, skin, pit, and bark of the giant Avocados trees.

Fortunately avocados are safe for dogs and cats. Just like you would never eat an entire avocados, never  feed you dog or cat a whole avocados because they could get the pit stuck in their throat. Also, do not allow your dog or cat to eat to many avocados as it can lead to the following problems:

  • diarrhea
  • committing
  • digestive issues
Use your head when feeding your dog anything that humans eat, make yourself aware of the foods they are able to consume and in what quantities. We suggest feeding your dog things like:
  • carrots
  • ice cubes
  • natural peanut butter
  •  melon
  • beans
Once again, make sure they do not eat 1/2 pound of carrots! Use good judgement when you are feeding your dog. Remember avocados are safe for dogs in small quantities.

Persin in avocados is dangerous to birds, rabbits, horses, and ruminants (sheep and goats).  

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