It is hard to believe that our Australian Labradoodle puppies are getting so big and growing so fast! These puppies are 5 weeks old today, time is going so fast! These will be mini Australian Labradoodles. The colors of these miniatures Labradoodles are:

  • Apricot (very dark)
  • Black (blue eyes)
  • Chocolate

The biggest one is in this litter is only just over 2 pounds at this time! If you are interested in learning more about this Australian Labradoodle puppies, CLICK HERE.

We have been working on socializing these dogs for quite some time. They have now been outside in the grass, on the rocks, and on concrete. They have met other dogs including other puppies. They sleep in an open crate all together, yes that is 7 mini Labradoodles in one little crate! It is so cute, you wonder where they are and they start piling out of this little crate stretching their little bodies! They are adorable!