Australian Labradoodle Puppies are Here!

Summer has had her Australian Labradoodle  puppies, they arrived on Saturday evening! We are enjoying them, even as young as they are … they bring smiles to our faces with the different grunts they make. It is great fun to watch them climbing over each other to get to Summer too!

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Look at those beauties!

Our Special Boy

We have not updated our website because we have been dedicated to this one special little Australian Labradoodle boy! We are working with this special boy 24/7 to save his life.  He was born with a cleft palate and cannot nurse. The vet said most of them do not make it. We are doing our best to help him by feeding him through a tube every 2 hours. I will try to keep the blog updated on his progresses.

Australian Labradoodle Newborn Puppy

Our Special Little Boy


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